Studio TRIGGER (Creators of KILL la KILL and Little Witch Academia), was announced to be in charge of the anime adaptation of the sci-fi 8-volume novel series Ninja Slayer: Karate Pistol Fist Suicide" which is written by Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez. Of course we won’t be watching it any time soon since TRIGGER just finished KILL la KILL and LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA 2 will be next. But look at all these badass characters that we will see animated by TRIGGER. 

The story is set in the futuristic city of Neo-Saitama, where a salaryman named Kenji Fujikido becomes a ninja slayer after his wife and children are killed in a ninja battle. Along with a strange story, there’s a lot of insane artwork. 

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hand-painted backgrounds from the kill la kill making of documentary

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